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Stanley Boats specializes in aluminum and steel commercial vessels, providing agencies such as governments, states, provinces, and municipalities with superior marine response vessels.

Stanley Boats continues to demonstrate its commitment to the marine industry by aggressively and progressively researching, designing, and developing high-quality boats; to its customers by providing high-value products and services at fair prices; and to its community by providing employment opportunities, encouraging skills training, and supporting community activities.

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Raised Deck




Pulsecraft WH

Innovative Team Design

Stanley’s in-house design team consists of forward-thinking designers and engineering professionals. Stanley engineers comprehend and create new designs, improve existing ones, and do some necessary research and development, though they are not the only R&D group within the company. They scrutinize new materials and production processes. They continually refine and improve Stanley boats and manufacturing techniques. During the initial design, we model the boat in a 3D program, which helps us to maintain the quality and precision to the highest.

The engineering team is equipped with the cutting-edge software to perform analysis to confirm the adequacy of structure and stability of the boat during design phase. The design team will examine each new design to verify its compliance with the required standards and regulations. The 3D model helps the customer to visualize the internal arrangements and request necessary changes during the design phase.

Stanley Home.jpg

Skilled Production Team

We are very proud of our highly experienced and certified technicians on site. As a member of American Boat and Yacht Council, we use ABYC certified technicians for outfitting jobs including electrical installations. The welding shop and its facilities are certified by Canadian Welding Bureau and our welders are CWB certified.

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